Fitness is for every body, a campaign led by seven empowering women

Fitness is for every body, a campaign led by seven empowering women

Local company Nutra Organics has teamed up with seven stunning and empowering women to push back against the idealistic stereotypes of a ‘fit body’.
The seven unique fitness stories celebrate individualism and give representation to voices that are often not seen in the masses of fitness apps and magazine spreads.

” We operate in an industry that often depicts fitness as a certain shape and size, instead of celebrating health across a spectrum,” said Nutra Organics Co-owner Ricki Harrison, who features in the campaign and refers heavily to her experiences with physical inadequacy.

With over four per cent of Australian’s battling some form of eating disorder, foundations like The Butterfly Foundation are dealing with an ever-increasing amount of service requests.
It is essential for campaigns to provide realistic imagery and representation in all areas.

Fitness is for every body, a campaign led by seven empowering women

Also joining the campaign is OAM, Angel Dixon, who said, ” there is a lot of conditioning that goes on in the media and within the health environment”. she continued “, if there was a greater representation of a physical form that looked like min in the media, even in just the things I deemed important in life, that could’ve really softened my fitness journey.”

Psychology PhD student and body dysmorphia researcher Grace Barker argues that the mountains of fitspo focused content that displays thin, toned, and athletic bodies contribute to thoughts of what does aspirational health look like.
In the context of social media, individuals often engage in an upward appearance comparison ( to those they deem more attractive or athletic ) and do so despite possible negative outcomes to their health or body image.

Adding to the conversation is local fitness identity Revie Jane, who also features in the campaign and understands the damaging effects airbrushed and filtered imagery can have in a social context.
“it’s really important that we stop and take a look at what we’re consuming and follow brands, people and personalities that are making an effort to be authentic.

Teaming up with this campaign are a number of resources that Nutra Organics have put together with different facets of fitness and actions for those wanting to join the movement and be the change they want to see in the world.

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