Five minutes with Renae Ayris

Today we chat with Renae Ayris Miss Universe Australia 2012 as her reign draws to a close and she gets ready to handover her crown in July.
So first of all we want to get to know who Renae is in a few words how would you describe yourself…?
Im very down to earth, honest and loyal. What you see is what you get.

So first of all we want to get to know who Renae is in a few words how would you describe yourself…?

I am very down to earth, honest and loyal. What you see is what you get.

So being a WA Girl what would you say to someone like myself from the East coast to convince me to head over and check out WA..?

Living in WA is like being on a permanent holiday, with the most gorgeous beaches and refreshing open space. It has that magic aura that you can not help but fall in love with.

With the Miss universe role coming to a close will you have some time to relax and if so what would be your ideal day off like …?

My favorite day off would be heading to one of Perth’s beautiful parks and having a picnic/BBQ with family and friends.
What made you decide that going on the Miss Universe journey would be something you would like to do ..?

I was kind of talked into it by my agent and family to be honest,but I am so glad, it has been the most amazing journey.

And if we role back to the finals of last year when you were crowned and you set off on the journey was it anything like what you had pictured … or more ..?

I was very prepared by my good friend Scherri-Lee who was Miss Universe Australia in 2011. But I must admit the actual event, in Vegas, was way more exhausting than I had imagined!!

And would you describe the night you were crowned Miss Universe Australia in a few short words ..?

It is such an overwhelming moment, it is hard to recall any rational thoughts I may have had.

So between June last year when you last graced the cover of GCMAG to now what would you say has been your top 5 highlights and what has changed most about yourself …?

My mission to China for Operation Smile.
The Miss Universe Final in Las Vegas.
Driving in the Australian Grand prix celebrity race.
Celebrity splash.
Although I have learnt a lot and have grown as a person the true me has not changed 🙂

We have just seen the latest novo campaign featured in this issue how has it been being the face of Novo for the last 12 months …?

I have loved being the face of such an amazing brand. I’m honored to be able to wear their shoes every day and be the face of their product!

So what is next on the horizon for you …?

You will have to follow my journey to keep updated ;)….

We have also seen that your sister stepped in to the miss universe ring this year representing WA what sort of advice did you give her going in ..?

My sister is her own entity and has gone about this whole thing in her own way, not really receiving any advice from me. I am so proud of her!

Besides the traditional role models or pop culture icons who inspires and motivates you most ..?

I’m comfortable in my skin and I like to be my own person, I have never really had a role model.

Well thanks for taking the time to take a few minutes to chat with us and we look forward to chatting you down the track and seeing what has been unfolded on your Journey.


Written by Owen George

Editor of @GC_MAG Australia, Currently living by the mantra life is too short for bad coffee

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