Freshen Up Your Bedroom with These 8 Tips?

Freshen Up Your Bedroom with These 8 Tips?

The bedroom might be the most important living space in our home. It’s the space we see first in the morning and the last we see at night. However, working from home has left many of us feeling like our living spaces are starting to be stale and boring, especially if we live in a tiny space.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where you would feel fresh, inviting, and relaxing to be in. That being said, if you’ve wanted to make your bedroom feel a little less bleak or take it to the next level, here are 8 budget-friendly ways to wake up your bedroom.

Declutter your space

An organized space is a happy space. If you’re feeling less inspired in your bedroom, the answer to your problems might lie in that pile of clothing on the floor. So, before making any big changes to your bedroom, you’d want to start with a super clean, organized, and clutter-free bedroom. Make sure to organize your wardrobe first, think about the pieces of clothing that you’ll no longer need, and pack away out-of-season clothes.

Next, declutter your bedside table and makeup drawers. Then, clean all the surfaces, including out-of-reach places (like tops of shelves and wardrobes), sort out all your makeup items. Consider getting rid of some – if you have too many. Once everything’s cleaned, place items back inside and neatly organize them. Also, consider investing in some key products that can help keep your clutter in check. Turntables, risers, bins, canisters are some common organizing products that can be super useful.

Invest in new linens

This may sound simple, but investing in new linens can instantly bring a new feel into your space. And if you’ve been sticking to the same old white bedding, why not refresh by purchasing crisp ivory sheets with a bold red contrast? Otherwise, you can simply throw some colored pillowcases onto your bed to freshen things up. If you’re into experimenting, consider your bed as a blank canvas and try mixing complementary or contrasting patterns for more exciting bedding.

Change up your lighting game

Overhead lighting is fine, but if you’re still using only one light source, it’s time to step up your lighting game. Invest in some ambient bedroom lighting by getting a table lamp or a floor lamp, which helps to get light coming from different directions and heights around the room. If you prefer a subtle approach, you may consider including twin lamps, or lighting candles, on either (or both) sides of the bed. Make sure to be careful with selecting lampshades since they can also change the feel of your space.

Consider aromatherapy

Is there anything better than walking into a room full of relaxing scents? I think not. Scenting a space can be a cost-effective solution to refresh your bedroom. Candles, incense, and diffusers can easily add new scents to your space while also keeping the space aesthetically pleasing.

From minimalist and soothing scents to strong and playful fragrances, there’s no end to the fragrance options that you can choose from. However, with the scent particles being released into the air, make sure to freshen up indoor air with the help of an air purifier.

Freshen Up Your Bedroom with These 8 Tips?

Spice up your walls

The bedroom is a perfect private place for you to indulge your taste and personality, am I right? Art is the perfect expression for that. So, you can hang up some of your favorite art pieces onto a bare wall, and let the paintings do their magic. Minimalists might prefer black and white photographs, while others might be drawn to vivid and bold–colored paintings.

If framed artwork is not possible for your budget, get creative with decorating and put up a few small items on the wall. You can also use washi tapes to decorate some printouts of your favorite pictures. Don’t think those wall arts have to be permanent; you can switch to different decoration styles now and then to refresh your personal space.

Play around with mirrors

All spaces can benefit from a mirror or two, especially those on the smaller side since they can reflect light around the room and add more depth to the surroundings. Not only can you catch a glimpse of yourself, but you’ll get more light bouncing around the room, which can brighten up the space while making the room look bigger. Plus, mirrors are considered useful décor that can enhance the look of your space. This is an essential tip if you want to furnish your small living space.

Rearrange your furniture layout

While some rooms can only work if the furniture is organized in a specific way, many can operate in different arrangements. Whenever you get bored with your bedroom but can’t purchase new furniture, moving things around can give out a new feel and freshen up the space. Consider switching your TV to another place, as well as your bed and bed stand.

When you’re rearranging the furniture and other items in your room, make sure to think about balancing them out. Consider both the sizes and placements of the pieces and avoid grouping all the large or small pieces to one side or in one place in the room. That can lead to making the space feel lopsided, unsettling, and unorganized.

Bring in a plant

A little green to your bedroom can make the overall space a lot more refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re a plant lover, chances are you have some plant babies in your room already. Other than that, adding new textures and colors to your space with new plants doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? Opt for fake plants and dried flowers to spice up your space for those who can’t keep their plants alive as they can add an immediate romantic feel to any of your spaces.

Freshen Up Your Bedroom with These 8 Tips?


So, there you have it. With these 8 simple steps, your bedroom will be instantly transformed from boring to breathtaking. So, stop staring at those blank, white walls and start planning a bedroom makeover now!

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