FroPro to the rescue, never suffer ice-cream guilt again.

FroPro to the rescue, never suffer ice-cream guilt again.

We all know that feeling of sitting down to a late night bowl of ice cream only to feel the guilt wash over us thinking this isn’t the healthiest of life choices.

However, that is a thing of the past now with a miracle of the frozen variety FroPro has given Ice cream a makeover – a creamy flavour packed, low sugar makeover, that makes indulging in your favourite treat a guilt-free and satisfying experience.

Reimagining the ultimate comfort food, FroPro is a deliciously smooth, high protein ice-cream that is 95% sugar-free, low GI, all natural, gluten free and also low fat… starting from only 78 calories per serve… YES, the holy grail of ice cream treats.

Our freezer here at GCMAG is now rocking a collection of flavours with an expected firing on the way if anyone eats the last of the Salted Caramel my personal favourite (consider this notice).

FroPro also has the added benefit of being an Australian owned and made ice cream that has that little flag-waving Aussie in me letting out Oi Oi Oi.

The company is the passion project of ex-professional Rugby Union player Ed O’donoghue who is a self-confessed foodie who as a health-conscious athlete, loves to make healthy alternatives to his favourite treats.

Looking for ways to satisfy his sweet tooth, Ed remembers when he first started experimenting in his home kitchen to make a delicious yet healthy ice cream

He initially tried freezing a protein shake-type mix, which unsurprisingly wasn’t a success. Continuing his quest, Ed invested in a top quality homemade ice cream machine and after several attempts was able to create his own recipe that hit the spot just right.

Ed knew he was onto a winner and slowly started to develop the business on the side for several years as he continued to play professional rugby. Three years ago Ed saw an excellent opportunity to grow FROPro as more consumers were becoming vocal and looking for tasty and nutritious alternatives to their favourite treats.

FroPro has since become Australia’s number one selling healthy ice cream and the go-to guilt-free yet indulgent snack for Athletes, Active and Healthy Families or just anyone who loves a scoop.

We suggest you head out and try the great range of flavours Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel Now with more on the way, You can grab a tub in Woolworths who are now stocking it nationally. or enter our competition below.

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