Hello, La Bouche Patisserie and Bakery in Cleveland

Hello, La Bouche Patisserie and Bakery in Cleveland

The next stop on our Spring Tastes Tour is La Bouche an amazing Patisserie and Bakery in Cleveland

which is fast becoming a mini tourist destination of its own with locals ravings bringing people from all over to try their mouthwatering and continually emerging sweet and savoury offerings.

But I hint that you go and try one of the Viennoiseries, that’s the croissants danishes or brioche. ( the word I learnt today) keep an eye out for one of the stuffed croissants they have flavours like the 3 Little Piggies sausage roll- pork & chorizo sausage roll wrapped in bacon Wagyu, Caramelised Onion & Feta Chicken, or the Leek & White Wine Pie and The Pulled Pork Pie with Dijon Mustard & Honey YUM.

Michael & Erin have a passion for sharing their pastries with the community they were both born and raised in. The husband and wife duo now with a great team of six are working to bring everyone their favourites, daily, while also striving to make sure there is always something new and exciting to try.

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