Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist Interview – Danielle Johnson

Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist Interview - Danielle Johnson

Congratulations on making it this far in the Miss Universe Australia competition!  Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?  Where do you call home when you aren’t travelling?

Thank you! I study accounting and business law, but love to educate myself in a variety of areas, and I tend to use my ‘spare’ time to gain as much of an insight into holistic nutrition, health, wellbeing and fitness as possible. For me, home is definitely where my heart is though; I live with my sister and her two young boys (6 and 7) and absolutely relish being a ‘live-in’ Aunty.

Out of everything you have already been through in this competition, what has been your favourite experience? Has it surpassed your expectations?

I have sat down every year, since I was about 7 years old, to watch the Miss Universe Pageant on television, in awe of all of the beautiful international delegates, never in my wildest imagination expecting one day I’d be giving it a go for myself. On stage at preliminaries, I locked eyes with my Mum (who conveniently sat herself directly behind the judges), and had to force myself to hold back tears – just to be there, fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams was an incredibly huge, overwhelming and proud moment for me.

There is obviously a lot of pressure associated with beauty pageants. How do you like to take time out and relax?

There’s definitely a seemingly never-ending to-do list in the few days leading up to the event. I like to write myself a to-do list each morning, and when it’s done I take some time out to rest in bed and either read or listen to an audiobook.

Do you have a favourite secret getaway spot in Queensland?

I love to take a quiet drive up to Mount Tamborine, or if I really want to get away, I keep driving up to Lamington National Park. It’s so beautiful and tranquil up there in the midst of the rainforest, you really feel like you’re a hundred miles away.

How do you keep your amazing body in shape? And how do you maintain a healthy diet when you are on the go all the time?

One thing I’m finding is that consistency is much more effective than intensity! I only ever sign myself up for workouts I enjoy – at the moment for me that’s skipping and Pump classes at the gym – because I know I’m more realistically going to get there, instead of deprioritising it in favor of anything else. I always try to be pretty prepared with my meals, but if I know I’m facing a busy period, I keep a lot of easy to work with ingredients – like eggs, veggies and nuts – around for hurried meals that are still healthy.

What is your biggest fashion tip?

I’ve spent the first third of this year stocking my wardrobe up with a few quality basics, and I’ve never felt like I’ve had such extensive outfit options. I’ve been traveling a lot in the first portion of this year, and having a few key pieces at my disposal to mix-and-match with has definitely made my carry-on luggage and unpacking much more efficient!

What are the important traits of a role model and who is yours?

A role model has a strong sense of self, an awareness and compassion for others’ needs and a generous spirit. I can’t go past my mother and grandmother as my personal role models – I’m extremely fortunate to come from a line of incredibly strong women who build me up and inspire me every day.

What do you think you would bring to the role of Miss Universe Australia?

I think I could be a really relatable, girl-next-door type Miss Universe Australia; an ‘every-girl’. Sure, I’m a little bit ‘dorky’ and I’m definitely the clumsiest person I know, but I really love being me. That’s the message I’d like to send to young women in Australia – don’t worry about fitting someone else’s (or even, everyone else’s) idea of “cool” or “sexy”… just love the little things about yourself, that make you, you.

What are your goals for after the Miss Universe Australia competition?  Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’d love to be working in Australian Media and Television, but I’d also equally enjoy following a career in health and well being, or embracing my passion for cooking or entrepreneurial instincts. Perhaps a combination of all four is on the cards… I just hope I continue to enjoy learning about as many things as possible, and keep challenging myself in these different arenas that make up my life.

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