Miss Universe Aus QLD Finalist Interview – Silka Kurzak

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where do you call home when you aren’t traveling?
I am a Gold Coast girl! I love our city, and our state! I enjoy the beach, water sports such as jet skiing, and baking on rainy days. I have a passion for health and fitness along with photography and scrapbooking. I can be a little nerdy at times and like to get out my old school Nintendo 64. I like books more than movies and I enjoy a good laugh! As a 2011 Business Graduate I now manage a restaurant, hotel and bar alongside with my own business in health and nutrition. I think it’s important to educate people about the importance of nutrition especially younger girls and other models.

Out of everything, you have already been through in this competition, what has been your favorite experience? Has it surpassed your expectations?
My expectations have already been met and exceeded! My friends and family have done it again; they are a very convincing bunch!  After my amazing experience last year, it didn’t really require all that much convincing from them though. I have  had so much fun already, met many  new people that I am now fortunate enough to call friends and mentors, and I learned a lot about myself by venturing outside of my comfort zone.

It was a honor to get as far as I did last year – I don’t know what will happen this year, but it would be nice for a QLD girl to bring home the crown!

There is obviously a lot of pressure associated with beauty pageants. How do you like to take time out to relax?
I believe there is a lot of excitement associated with beauty pageants! I like to clean believe it or not! When I have a clean space around me, my mind is clear and calm. I love a bit of yoga and Pilates; they also helps the mind and body to relax, Although a nice bubble path with a great book does the trick too!

Do you have a secret getaway spot in Queensland.

I do! But If I told you – it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! Hehe but I will tell you, it  is a beach with beautiful blue untouched water and squeaky clean sand. It is slightly hidden and brings back some great memories.

How do you keep you amazing body in shape and how do you maintain healthy diet when you are on the go all the time?

My secret is water! It’s amazing what water can do for your body! But my biggest secret of all has got to be Herbalife! This has been the key to my healthy lifestyle and body, especially for on the go! Who wouldn’t want a tasty shake in the morning!

What is your biggest fashion tip

All you need is Lipstick and accessories! Especially for on the go – colored lips can heighten any outfit or make it!

 What are the important traits of a good role model

A good role model is someone that others can look up to who has a positive influence on others. Someone who is strong minded, passionate, dedicated and motivated. Someone who can spread awareness and work in a team, yet autonomously.Someone who is not only a leader, but has time for others and is able to listen to their needs.

I am passionate about educating young girls about the importance of self-confidence and looking after yourself to create the ultimate balance of mind, body and spirit.

  Who is your role model?

This women is incredible – have you ever heard of Superwoman? Not only can she speak eight languages, butshe has a successful career in over 52 different countries. She beat a horrible life-threatening disease and raised a beautiful family. She did all this with a smile on her face, no matter the obstacle in her path.

She never let me go hungry, and gave me an education that some only dream of. She taught me right from wrong and gave me life. Who else could this be but my beautiful mother?

What do you think you would bring to the role of miss universe Australia?
I would love to use the title of Miss Universe to give others less fortunate than myself a voice to be heard. There are so many people suffering in so many different ways and they never get to tell their stories and promote awareness of their plights. It would very rewarding to draw public attention to those in need and know that just by speaking out, I was able to change somebody’s life for the better. There are so many topics I am passionate about, it would be hard to choose just one to campaign for as Miss Universe.

In2013, I hosted bi-monthly charity lunches and donated the profits to a different charity each time. I have supported a number of charities including: The Animal Welfare League, Radio Lollipop, Give Me 5 For Kids, Kids Helpline, Unicef, Queensland Surf Life Saving Clubs, the Starlight Foundation, and more. I think if we all work together, we can help a much larger picture and to be in the Miss Universe Australia role, I believe I can bring people to work together to accomplish this.

What are your goals for after the Miss Universe Australia competition. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
My goal for after the Miss Universe pageant is to continue within my path, achieve my goals and  try everything I want to do. I want   to do everything with love, to live a healthy and happy life with a positive mindset, to be challenged and to give everything a go. No matter the obstacles or hardships, I WILL achieve my goals and dreams; I have already stating implementing ideas and procedures to reach them. Business ventures, healthy living, enjoying my friends and creating a family are only a few I hope to achieve in 5 years.

One of my biggest goals is to create and host a television show that surprises people in need with life-changing gifts and rewards. I think it’s important to give back and if we all ‘paid it forward’ we could help others with their struggles.

Image Credit: GCMAG and Michael Greves you can view our shoot in the current issue of GCMAG


Written by Erin Ibbott

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