The Bavarian restaurants have just finished turbocharging their menus with a range of Over the top Schnitzels, Burgers and Wings all designed to indulge and fulfil even the biggest hunger.

Available at all Bavarian restaurants until the end of July is the iconic schnitzels all taken to the extreme with the Godfather, Matterhorn, and the Big Boy Oi, Oi, Oi…

• Big Boy Oi, Oi, Oi: schnitzel, stacked with BBQ wings, bacon, egg
• Godfather: giant schnitzels, ham, cheese, Kielbasa, Napoli sauce, cheese
• Matterhorn: schnitzel mountain, cheese spätzle, three layers of Alpen cheese, bacon

The OTT Burger includes an Angus beef patty, chicken schnitzel and pork belly layered with tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese and drizzled with sauce in between a soft bun ($34).

Diners can tailor their OTT burger to suit their taste and appetite, with double beef patties and schnitzels ($18) triple patties and schnitzels ($28) and OTT add-ons including mac and cheese balls, layers of bacon, and triple cheese – Swiss, Brie and Parmesan.

OTT Wings come in 8 flavours and four super-sizes: 1?2kg – $20, 1kg – $30, 2kg – $50, 5kg – $100. Orders of 5kg will not go unnoticed, with the mound of saucy wings delivered with sparklers and a ringing bell.

So head into The Bavarian and try their Over The Top creations or enjoy their Bold new venue, which is out now…

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