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WSL is Centerpiece at Itacaré Surf Music QS Event

The tropical setting at Praia da Tiririca, Bahia can be described simply as having great waves, lots of sun, warm water, amazing food and friendly people. From October 18 – 21, this stunning locale will host the WSL Men’s and Women’s QS 1,000 Itacaré Surf Music, the first combined event in Brazil this year.

The event winner will receive 1,000 WSL Qualifying Series points as well as 1,000 points valid towards the 2018 WSL South America Title. Last year, only the men’s competition took place and saw Deivid Silva (BRA) boost his way to the winner’s podium. With the addition of the women’s division this year, fans will look forward to seeing Dominic Barona (ECU) continue her dominance of the events held in South America, which includes a victory in Itacaré earlier this year.

In addition to all the action in the water, the event will carry out a number of athletic, cultural and educational activities. Skateboarding, slackline, music and information regarding sustainability will all be on offer at the Itacaré Surf Music QS 1,000.

The town of Itacaré is situated on the “Cacau Coast” of Bahia in Northeastern Brazil. Home to a rich and diverse ecosystem, Itacaré is protected under several environmental entities and federal laws guaranteeing its pristine conditions to future generations. Included in the weekend’s eco-friendly activities are a variety of workshops, presentations and the planting of local trees and seedlings throughout the region.

On the 19th and 20th, following all the explosiveness in the water, the festive crowds will get the chance to see some of the biggest bands in Brazil perform. Tickets are available. For more information, go to www.worldsurfleague.com


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