A chat with Qt Fashion Week and Awards event co-ordinator Michaela Fitzgerald


Pictured:  Left Michaela Fitzgerald and Right Georgia Ansell Face of Fashion Week Winner
Photo Credit:  Michael Greves (C)

With Qt Fashion week and awards fast approaching and all the hype around this new Gold Coast event we thought
who better to give us an inside scoop on the event then the Event Co-ordinator herself Michaela Fitgerald

What made you get into the crazy world of fashion / event planing and what do you enjoy most….?
I would have to say the craziness! I just love the world of fashion, it allows people to express them selves in such a way. Its so creative and beautiful. The feeling I get watching a show that I have put together and seeing the audience
appreciate and enjoy, is a feeling like no other.

What can we expect from the first QT Fashion week and awards …?
I am very excited about QT Fashion Week and Awards, the partnership with QT Gold Coast has allowed us to put that
little hint of quirk into the events much like the QT brand itself. Style and sophistication will be oozing throughout the
week. We have some amazing designers involved with some really great shows planned.

Its been a whirlwind six months putting together the event what would you say has been some of the highlights and
the challenges you have faced in this process ..?
I think my greatest challenge is getting people to see the finished product and the direction that the event is set for.
The highlighs would definatly be the designers. The talent that I am discovering from some of the up and coming is
just ridiculous.

And what are the goals you have for the first year … and onwards ..?
My biggest goal has always been to show the rest of the world that the Gold Coast is also a fashion destination. I
want people to be able to attend the event and walk away going ‘wow, I can’t wait for next year already!’ Onwards…
The skies the limit! Ha ha I really want to invest alot of time into QT Fashion Week & Awards so that is my number one
priority at the moment.

How would you define the unique style we have hear on the Gold Coast and how that is reflected with QTFWA …?
I always find the Gold Coast style more playful, less structured. I have tried however to include a vast range of
designers so as not to just focus on Gold Coast. We have designers like Nicola Finetti whos pieces are all about
structure and defined cuts and then onto Rumar by Rochelle who is famous for her soft silk dresses. Then there is of
course Lisa Brown who is a well known Gold Coast designer who has incorporated some great fabrics and textures.

The event will be showcasing many up and coming designers and major labels what do you think we can expect from these designers this year …?
The up and coming designers this year are nothing short of amazing. The talent that is displayed amongst them is
really unbelievable. Im very excited about the ‘Nomiki Glynatsis’ installation show, this is really going to be something
a little different. Guests will slip into a world that is all about romance, love and the beautiful things. The group show
including Josh Goot and Dion Lee I think is going to be a ‘not to be missed’ sort of thing. These guys have been at the
top of their game for years so its very exciting to see them all together.

A few weeks ago you all set out on the casting process with over a hundred models showing up how has this process
been ….?
I am very happy with my model team. I always tried to select girls that have a healthy body image and mimic the
direction of the event, being sophisticated and stylish. I have selected 12 girls from Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine
coast & byron and im very pleased with them.

With the event having attracted designers such as Marlies Dekkers and Talulah it shows that QTFWA is bringing a
new era to the GC Fashion and im sure this year is only a snapshot of what is to come in future years !
Thanks for taking the time to chat with us !