Billy Karts and The Battle of The Bars

Billy Karts and The Battle of The Bars

A 4.5 meter ramp set the stage for what some will call a rivalry like no other The Battle of the Bars at the V8 BillyKart Derby
Which pitted local bars against each other in the Derby.

The event included not only on-track action but was hosted by Chaz Mostert, the winner of The Bathurst 1000 and fellow australian V8 Supercar driver Jack Perkins who were on site for signings and to wave the notorious checkered flag.

The Bars took to the track to battle it out! Team K-bar were the first to be taken out of the competition after their cart ‘lil lighting’ which was a replica of the billy cart in The Simpsons lost its axle after coming down the ramp.  The Ze pickle team turned heads in their original 1960s dodgem car while it was the Burleigh Social team ( a great new coffee shop in burleigh) that took out the title in their Bathtub which came complete with shower curtain and cap!  Leroy from Finders Keepers came in at a close second and the boys from Cambus Wallace walked away with a pretty 3rd place ribbon.

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