Carla Florencia – Miss Universe Australia 2020 Finalist Interview

Carla Florencia - Miss Universe Australia 2020 Finalist Interview

Today we are talking with Carla Florencia from Victoria on of the twenty-eight. Talented and inspiring women from all walks of life who are vying for the title of Miss Universe Australia 2020. 

In what has certainly been an unpredictable and unprecedented year of ups and downs we’re thrilled to bring you our ninth year of Miss Universe Australia finalist interviews. 

So Carla, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Sure, I am a Graphic and Interior Designer with certifications in business. I have been very fortunate to have the experience of growing up and studying amongst diverse cultures in Argentina, Germany and Australia. I’m very passionate about learning different languages; French is next on my list, I’m not going to lie, at the start, it was difficult to adapt to different environments and learn foreign languages, but it has really brought up my love for people, cultural diversity and taught me the importance of being inclusive. 

I’m also proud to be currently part of a documentary discussing and highlighting mental health, helping people to apply positive psychology to their lives, whilst still working diligently on my e-commerce platforms combining my two passions being creative entrepreneur and business.  

It wouldn’t be complete about me answer if I didn’t mention my dog Lucky; he has stolen my heart three years ago when I adopted him into my family, and we absolutely adore him! 

The Miss Universe Australia program has been on hold since earlier in the year and now making its way towards a virtual final to be held on October 28, what motivated you to enter the Miss Universe Australia Program? 

 The Miss Universe program has been such a unique and positive experience for me. I’ve always been inspired by the program and what it represents, as I love how the program helps the community and inspires so many young women in areas of self-love and confidence. 

Community and charitable work has always been and continues to be close to my heart, doing charity work where I can to try and give back to the community. 

I’ve been working with amazing organizations like the Red Cross, Foodbank, and Beyond Blue in order to help out my fellow Australians, as this year has especially been very tough for most – from bushfires, floods and now with COVID. 

I’ve also been working on projects tackling mental health, being involved in a documentary (can’t wait for it to air, it should be a biggie!), finalizing plans to work with my psychologist on Headspace, and raising donations to make sure we have the biggest space possible so we can hopefully help as many people out there to get off the waiting list to seek mental health help and assistance! The Miss Universe Australia Program is such a powerful program that I feel aligns a lot with my values and continuing desire to work with the community.

This year has been like no other, how have you been coping so far and what’s been the biggest challenge and positive that has come out of it all? 

 This year has definitely been different! I think the biggest challenge for me personally was sometimes missing out on the little things in life! 

I miss the simple things, like going out for a walk with friends, going to the movies, enjoying a nice Italian dinner, and taking my dog to the beach. 

Fingers crossed that we are close to coming out the other side of this all so we can all be reunited with those we cherish and love! 

With everyone bringing such an individual flair to the competition, what do you think is something that will set you apart from the other contestants? 

Firstly I have to say that being personally picked by Minespec Parts to be a finalist has been an absolute honour! I haven’t had the pleasure to meet Simon and his beautiful children yet. Still, I’ve read so much about him and how much he has and continues to empower others, supporting organizations like Beyond Blue and Leukemia Foundation. 

Coming from my background in e-commerce, I recognize the importance of sponsors and do not take lightly the opportunity to represent Miss Universe and its associated sponsors in the best way possible. 

I am a hard workingwoman and with ambition – an area I hope to inspire in many young women that with hard work and determination, they can succeed. I genuinely do put my heart and soul in everything I do and have certainly done so throughout this competition.

The winner of Miss Universe Australia 2020 will also receive the prestigious Minespec Parts grant worth $20,000 to spend on your education or business startup, what would you do if you received this grant? And would you say your answer has changed now during the current COVID climate?

 Promoting positive psychology is at the forefront of what I am passionate about, I would put the grant towards learning more in this field. However, the current climate has highlighted and encouraged me to want to push myself more and do more with the grant. 

When the restrictions were first lifted, I was lucky enough to start working alongside my psychologist and take on a group of young people to work with Headspace. Although already enrolled in psychology courses, I definitely feel I have much to learn and still want to learn more in this space.

On a personal note, my parents have been such a role model in my life and if anything this year has highlighted the importance of appreciation of surrounding family and friends. 

I would like to take an opportunity to give back to those who have given me so much in life so with a small share of this I’d also love to help my parents with their E-commerce platform.

First thing you will do when this pandemic ends? 

Take my dog Lucky for a walk at the beach.  

Place you will hope to travel to next? 

I’d love to travel all around Australia and get to know this beautiful land much more! I’ve never been to The Great Barrier Reef or Whitsundays yet! Can you believe it!? I would also love to travel to Sydney to visit my beautiful friends who I miss lots.

Have you taken up a new hobby, skill or learnt a new dish during lockdown?

I have indeed! I’ve discovered my love of oil painting and have started painting magnolias. I’m so blessed that my parents are very talented artistically and they inspired me! I have also learnt a lot of new recipes, including creating my own banana bread recipe, which I posted online and seemed to be very popular with my friends and family!

Presenting Sponsor

Minespec Parts

Minespec Parts are proud to be the presenting sponsor for Miss Universe Australia, Working to empower and support women not just through the Miss Universe Australia pageant and their $20k education and business grant, but through many platforms with various activities across Australia all furthering and supporting women in the workplace.

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