Crowds Flock to Broadbeach.. Inevitably, some remained immune to Games fever.

Crowds Flock to Broadbeach.. Inevitably, some remained immune to Games fever.

Inevitably, some remained immune to Games fever. One underwhelmed man wrote to The Age: “Never before has so much been said, written, yelled and screamed about so little.”

Economists said $3 billion was pumped into the local economy, although idle taxi-drivers, shopkeepers and pub landlords disagreed.

Others complained about ticket prices, road closures, one-sided competition and, as they always do, one-eyed TV coverage. They were mere details.

This Was Melbourne 2006 – Sound Familiar…

We’ve come so far but still so cynical!
What happened to getting out and giving things a go.
That Australian spirit of making the most of any situation, of being the life of the party our unique Australian hospitality that united us all in 2000.

Remember 1.2 Billion Viewers are watching our city … Thousands of athletes careers launched, and legends created … and our first significant multi-sport event held on The Gold Coast with only a bus detour… no major road traffic … some “easter trade impacted”…. bringing a flurry of negative headlines from certain outlets.

I’ve been out travelling the city on public transport for 15+ hours a day while working across the city since our preparations started back on March 25. With many of my colleagues, Locals and Queenslanders we’re very proud of what is happening in our backyard and what it means for our city.

Go and Talk to some of the Volunteers, International Media, Athletes, Friends and Families some of the 80,000 attending events just today across our whole city from Coomera to Coolangatta and they will tell you what they have told me.

What a coastline, What a city, What friendly people, How Lucky are you to live here, and What an amazing event and that they will be definitely back for a Holiday.

Crowds Flock to Broadbeach.. Inevitably, some remained immune to Games fever.

Our visitors to the city are taking public transport in record numbers with 60,000+ using the heavy rail system from Brisbane just yesterday, not only freeing up our roads but also limiting their reach across the city to public transport routes.  The local news outlets would have you believe nobody is visiting the coast or the games.

12,000 people purchased event tickets just yesterday adding to the 1.1 million tickets already sold,  The line out the Merchandise Shop in Broadbeach was consistent all day today and many coffee shops in the area at capacity. (As seen in these pictures taken today)

So Come on in the waters fine, Put on some sunglasses slip on a hat get out and enjoy this once in a lifetime event, cheer on an Aussie or adopt a country as they smash some World or Commonwealth Records and be there to witness the birth of the next household name and ENJOY THE MOMENT !!!

If Sport isn’t your thing, jump out to embrace the fantastic opportunities for our Arts and Culture precinct filling up nightly with Light and Celebration at the multiple Festival 2018 sites.

You’re entitled to SHARE THIS or your opinion below, but please be respectful as I have…
And come say hi if you see us or a volunteer out and about enjoying the games.

This is a post I placed on my private social media late last night after the Swimming this may also explain the lack of Grammar and Punctuation. But I was overwhelmed with the number of locals commenting and sharing their great games experiences.

Our team at the Swimming with an amazing CROWD !!

Thanks to Melinda Rogers for the Images

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