Discover Hobby Lane

Discover Hobby Lane

This trendy eatery would be well placed in the Hollywood Hills, but it’s right here in Mitchelton discover Hobby Lane!

With an international career spent as a chef to the rich and famous, Peter Shaw’s real passion now lies in his Mitchelton Hobby aptly named Hobby Lane.

A long-time owner and chef of local favourite Delicatezza, Peter recently extensively refurbished the cafe and gave it a rebrand, finally fulfilling his vision to make every aspect of the cafe truly his own.

In a career that has spanned more than 25 years, Peter has been the private chef of big names like Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell. Even members of the royal family.

But Hobby Lane is where family man Peter has put down his roots, happily leaving behind the days when he baked apple pies for Oprah on yachts in the Mediterranean,

“ My vision is for Hobby Lane to become a place worth travelling to for the foodies who tend to stick to the inner-city Brisbane establishments,” Peter said. “ we love our loyal customers – they are at the heart of what we have been doing out here for years, and we plan to build on our local following.

“Delicatezza was given its name by the previous owners who were focused on a deli-style of café. With the relaunch of Hobby Lane, they have created some new dishes, retained several favourites, and made the whole place Peters Own.

Customers have continued to enjoy all the hallmarks of the old café, while now also getting a taste of some new dishes Peter has created. “I like to be creative, and I’ve loved the experience of bringing in a new chef, James Cardile, to work together and really come up with unique and delicious dishes such as our Poke Bowl and the Ricotta Hotcakes.” Toby’s Estate continues to be the brew of choice for Hobby Lane, with the café now becoming the first Brisbane café north of the river to stock the Melbourne cult classic Butterbings.

Relax, chat & soak up the atmosphere of this trendy suburban cafe.

No, seriously it is a must-visit destination for any Brunch or Lunch and definitely worth the trip to 4/43 Blackwood Street Mitchelton QLD 4053.

Discover Hobby Lane

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