Five Aussie dogs to follow on Instagram

Five Aussie dogs  to follow on Instagram

The latest instagram trend to hit 2019 comes as a furry surprise, with mans best friend taking over the social media channel.
In the past 2 months alone, over 500,000 new posts have been added to pupper related hashtags in Australia.
But which dogs are unmissable?
We’ve done the research – and here are the top 5 dogs to follow on Instagram:

Harper the Cavoodle: Socialite, Lifestyle influencer

Harper is an example of who we all aspire to be – charming, spending lunch with the neighbours, sharing her smile with the world and just helping humans in general.

When not parading Mum and Dad’s costumes, Harper can be found in the salon, socialising, or reading luxury travel magazines.

Lyka the Border Collie Cross: Animal Health Activist and Entrepreneur

Once suffering from serious health issues like hair loss, terrible dermatitis and tooth-rotting, this pup has transformed her health and is now leading the way with modern pet food – providing meal-time tips for pupper parents from vets and experts, on her mission to redefine pet food.

Max the Staffy: Foster Bro and Model.

A pupper from the Geelong animal rescue, Max is a true patriot and serious pawty animal! When not posing in the latest manly dog fah-shions, he’s the conversation starting life of the party.

Willow and Billie the Shelties: Living the Moden Dream

Move over Lassie ,the modern shelties are in town and they’re a duo giving you a run for your money – delivering humans motivational quotes, and living the beach lifestyle all modern-office slaves aspire to.

Koda the Rhodesian Ridgeback: The Young and The Wise

At only 12 weeks old, you’ll get to follow this rhodesian ridgebacks journey all the way from baby to giant! By the looks of it, Koda already knows how to work a hardware kit and kitchen broom. And this photo below? Proof that this wise Koda gets us all.

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