How to Bring Personality and Unique Style into a New Home

How to Bring Personality and Unique Style into a New Home

Our homes are places of comfort, where we should be able to be ourselves and reflect on who we are as people. 

When choosing the design of your house, you should think about what you want and what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

You don’t always have to go for what’s on-trend. Finding that special piece of furniture or that unique artwork can sometimes be the perfect addition to a wall or the overall layout of the chosen room. 

Therefore, let me show you some ways you can include that extra little touch of uniqueness and a sense of “you” in a new home.

Include a name for your castle

One means of having a sense of personality to your abode is to adorn it with an official name. 

The naming of one’s residence was a popular trademark, especially before numbering houses became common as a means of identification. 

Giving your house a name can not only hark back to any historical traits but allows you to get creative. 

By doing some wood engraving using laser cutting in Melbourne, you can create the perfect plaque to give your home some personal charm and a potential ode to history and past owners. 

Age adds a sense of character

While having modern conveniences in your new home is great, there can be a feeling of the show home look not suiting when properly living in the space. 

While new can be good, age can add a sense of warmth, and while not all your former furniture may work, they bring a personal aspect and can be “what makes a house a home”.

Include a means of colour or texture

Whether it’s through the simplicity of a painted feature wall or a select wallpaper design, adding colour and texture to your home can help you in the path to making the house feel like it’s your own. 

Some of the best ways to add texture to your new home are through natural materials. These can include those such as wooden cabinetry, marble vanities and stone benches. 

You can also add it with rugs in your lounge room or that of houseplants to help you to bring nature and a cozy atmosphere into your home.

Add artwork or your favourite picture

The reality of including personality in your home is that it should feel just that – personal. 

From a particular photo that you love to your taste unique in art, your home should provoke an emotional connection that makes you happy and content to be living in the space. 

You could breathe life into a basic looking hallway with some statement canvas. 

However, be wise not to constrict the walls with too many pieces, or it can look cramped and jumbled. 

Be selective with your furniture

When making a new home suit your individual style, it can help to be wise in how you choose your furniture.

While it can be great to be “on trend” in the latest designs with everything from coffee tables to dining chairs, often what makes a home is how the furniture makes you feel and whether it will suit the space. 

It can also be sensible not to always make your decisions based on what is on sale. Sometimes, just because the price is lower doesn’t mean it’ll make a comfortable atmosphere.

Furthermore, think about both areas. Your interior isn’t the only area to enjoy. 


Therefore, when creating personality and a sense of uniqueness to a new home, make sure it represents you and leave your mark.

All the best, readers, and I hope your housewarming is a lovely one.

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