Johanna Holzmann – Miss Universe Australia 2019 Finalist Interview

Johanna Holzmann - Miss Universe Australia 2019 Finalist Interview

We’re excited it’s that time of the year again when we get to introduce you to the contestants of Miss Universe Australia. We’re kicking off our eighth year of finalist interviews with Johanna Holzmann from Queensland, one of the twenty-eight talented, and inspiring contestants from all walks of life who are vying for the title of Miss Universe Australia 2019.

So Johanna, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Hey, My name is Johanna Holzmann, I’m 23 years old and I’m currently living in Brisbane. I’m originally from a small beach town near Newcastle called Nelson Bay but decided to do the big move to QLD for work! I started working as a flight attendant for Qantas at the end of last year and I couldn’t be happier with my job! I think it’s a pretty fitting job for my personality, I’m quite an adventurous and at times sporadic person… routine is a bit foreign to me, so being a flight attendant and living the lifestyle that comes with it is quite fitting !

What would you say was your motivation for entering Miss Universe Australia?

Miss Universe Australia has always been in the back of my mind to enter at some point in time, but I think just figuring out when the best timing was to enter was holding me back. It was actually a push from my mum and sister to just give it a shot and see what happens… and look where I am now!

The program is certainly full of amazing experiences in the lead-up to finals, You’ve just returned from the National Finalist Trip to Bali staying at the sensational Alila Hotels. How was this experience?

Alila hotels are absolutely breathtaking. We have been given the opportunity to stay in some of the most incredible locations and resorts thanks to Miss Universe Australia and Alila hotels that I don’t think we would have had a chance to experience if it wasn’t for them both. Every Alila hotel had a different and unique vibe to the other, which was amazing because they adapted the hotel to its surroundings and where we were. They make sure to give you a unique experience at every Alila hotel!

The Bali Trip is a combination of finals boot camp, personal development and team bonding exercise with a tropical escape thrown in for good measure, what would you say are some of the best things you’ll take away from the trip?

The best thing I took away from Bali was for sure the friendships I made. There is such a diverse group of young women in Miss Universe Australia this year and I feel pretty blessed to not only be included in that, but to have been able to become friends with these incredible women. I would say the other thing would be your typical “pageant” training! It’s a completely different concept for many of us, so it was extremely insightful and helpful to every girl on the trip in preparation for the finals!

So now you’re home and, winter has set in and the finals are only just around the corner, how are you feeling in the leadup to Melbourne and what sort of preparation are you doing before finals week?

It’s a very exciting time knowing that the finals are so close, I’m looking forward to seeing all the girls again and being back with the entire team! I’m just trying to stay happy and healthy not only physically, but mentally before Melbourne. Sleep and a lot of water is always important to look fresh !

With so many of you all bringing an individual flair to the competition, what do you think sets you apart from the other contestants?

We are all so different this year, which is really lovely as it is impossible to compare everyone! I think that I am who I am and I try to be the best person I can be, I always strive to be authentic and be myself, and I think my life experiences have played a big part in that.

Johanna Holzmann - Miss Universe Australia 2019 Finalist Interview
Marijana Radmanovic and Johanna Holzmann shot by Perry Winkle Photography

Your next question comes from Simon Ross of Minespec Parts
How much of a deciding factor for entering this year, was the Minespec Parts Grant of $20,000 to put towards your education or business startup?

To be honest it wasn’t much of a deciding factor for me. I came into Miss Universe Australia with an open mind and for the unique and exciting experience and whatever eventuates from being part of Miss Universe Australia is not only a bonus but a blessing. The grant would, of course, be incredible to receive and put towards something I am passionate about if I was lucky enough to receive it, and I would definitely make the most of it.

And if you were lucky enough to receive the grant, what would you spend it on and why?

I would spend it on going back to study my languages further. I speak fairly fluent Spanish and a bit of German and French so bringing my language skills back up to scratch would be amazing. I think in Australia we find ourselves not making as much of an effort to communicate with others in their native tongue, as English is so widely spoken. Throughout my travels I know how much it meant to have someone make the effort to speak to me In my native tongue, so I hope I can bring that care factor to others. It makes people more at ease when they can see you are trying to make  an effort! I want to communicate with people on a personal level, and not just via technology (social media, google translate)  which is what a lot of the communication in society is based around today, I think that changes everything.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself?

I went to Spain for student exchange at the age of 16, finished school, and I have basically travelled the world since. I have lived in countries such as Germany, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and Dubai and travelled to many others in between.  I’ve been on quite a few crazy and exciting adventures… and I’m sure there are many more to come!

As a child, what did you think would be awesome about being an adult, but isn’t as awesome as you thought it would be?

I think living out of home ! I definitely appreciate my mums cooking, washing my clothes and cleaning ! The whole adulting game can be tough…. Especially when you’re living a busy and hectic life!

Johanna is also helping raise money for Toybox International as part of her Miss Universe Journey; Please consider donating by clicking here.

Presenting Sponsor

Minespec Parts

Minespec Parts are proud to be the presenting sponsor for Miss Universe Australia, Working to empower and support women not just through the Miss Universe Australia pageant and their $20k education and business grant, but through many platforms with various activities across Australia all furthering and supporting women in the workplace.

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