Miss Universe Australia 2017 Finalist – Alecia McCallum

Miss Universe Australia 2017 Finalist - Alecia McCallum

The search to find the next Miss Universe Australia is underway, with National finalists preparing to touch down in Melbourne later this month ahead of the national finals held at the Sofitel on Collins June 29.

We are chatting with Alecia McCallum, from New South Wales who will be competing for the 2017 title of Miss Universe Australia,

Following in the footsteps of Jennifer Hawkins, Rachael Finch, Tegan Martin & Jesinta Campbell.

First of all the introduction, Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley, and I am currently studying primary teaching at the University of Newcastle. One of my passions is dancing and performing on stage which I have been doing since the age of 4. One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to read a book.

Alecia Congratulations on making it so far in the such a coveted competition, we have to ask how the overall experience has been so far?

The overall experience has been amazing. We have done so many things since being selected as a state finalist in January. Some of these include fittings, workshops, training sessions, national finalists’ trip to Bali and cooking a meal at the Ronald McDonald House for children and their families. I have enjoyed getting to know the national finalists from the other states and the experience has definitely been one I will never forget.

We have just heard you returned from the Intercontinental Resort in Bali as part of the program, How was the experience and what would you say was your highlight?

Bali was beautiful, and the whole program in Bali was amazing. Not only did we have a lot of fun but we also participated in workshops that were very helpful for not only the competition but also outside of the competition. My highlight of the Bali trip was visiting the Bali Life Foundation. The children in the orphanage were so beautiful and so talented, and they definitely put a big smile on my face.

It’s not long now until the finals, how are you feeling in the lead-up and what sort of preparation are you doing, before the finals get underway?

I am so excited for the finals in Melbourne, and I cannot wait for the runway show and the night of the final. My preparation so far has included going to the gym at least five days a week, using Bodi, watching the news and reading the newspaper, practising my walk and poses and finally getting to know myself and a deeper understanding of who I am.

With so many women all bring their individual flare to the competition, what do you think will set you apart from the other contestants?

What will set me apart from the other contestants is my walk and presence on stage. I have been performing on stage since I was 4 and that experience has allowed me to be confident and not get nervous on stage.

Speaking of unique flare or style what would you say is your best style or beauty secret?

I know this one is pretty obvious, but I do know a lot of people that don’t do this, my beauty secret is to always remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Even if you get home late or are too tired always take a couple of extra minutes to remove all makeup and cleanse your skin.

What inspired you to enter in the Miss Universe Australia pageant?

This is actually my 3rd year competing for Miss Universe Australia. I started competing in pageants at 16 to gain experience and knowledge that would help me to reach my ultimate goal to become Miss Universe Australia. Also, Tegan Martin (MUA 2014) inspires me to continue to enter because she is so beautiful, intelligent, kind and she never gave up, and I knew I wanted to be a part of a competition that promoted women like her.

Speaking of inspiration who or what inspires you most?

I’m studying to be a primary teacher and the people who inspire me the most are the amazing teachers I had at school. While completing my degree, I have always thought back to the teachers I had at school, and what made them a good teacher, this inspires me to be a good teacher.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself?

Something people find interesting about me, believe it or not, is that I compete in pageants and the Miss Universe Australia competition.

What does the average day look like for you?

My average day involves getting up in the morning and going to university. When I come home, I usually go to the gym, and then in the evening I spend time with my family or read a book (if I am not working).

Where is your favourite place in the world to wind down and relax?

My family has a holiday cabin at Bonny Hills which is right on the beach. I enjoy just laying on the beach and reading a book.

What is something you find yourself saying all the time?

I actually say this all the time to my sister, ‘stop wearing my clothes!’. But one thing I say to myself all the time is ‘as long as I have done my very best I am happy with whatever the outcome may be’.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice five years ago what would it be?

To always be confident in who you are and to always pursue your dreams no matter what.

And finally what are the five things you couldn’t live without?

My family and friends, my cat Nala, a book, my phone and a pair of heels.

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