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Miss Universe QLD Finalist Interview - Lynaah Wangui

Well, Autumn is in full swing, and It’s also that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with state finalists being announced across the country.

So we thought it would be a perfect time to kick off some home state interviews with Lynaah Wangui. Congratulations on making it through to the state finals, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

I am so grateful for this opportunity and achievement. This feels surreal to me, and I am honoured to be part of the state finals.

My name is Lynaah Wangui. I am 24 years old, and I live on the Gold Coast.
I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I have quite an extended family, and my early childhood was filled with fond memories of them. I moved to Canberra, Australia when I was eight years old with my mother and step-father.

I have lived in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast over the past few years studying and working. I have travelled to fifteen different countries, and I am thankful to my parents for the opportunities they have provided. I have developed a significantly deeper understanding of myself and different cultures having travelled to various unfamiliar and exciting destinations growing up.

I have always been passionate about fashion and have been exposed to its various expressions within different cultures. This motivated me to pursue and complete my studies in Professional Fashion Styling in Film and TV which has enabled me to work as a Fashion Consultant.

My hobbies include sketching, designing, spending quality time with family/friends, and sports such as running and basketball.

I aspire to study a Bachelor in Media and Communications/Public Relations, and a Diploma of Personal Training next year.

We all have motivations, Mine usually revolves around coffee but what was your key motivation for entering the MUA competition?

Miss Universe is a life changing and well-connected platform to become a role model to others. I entered the competition last year representing Adelaide, South Australia. It was the most amazing experience because I gained so much self-confidence, pushing myself past my comfort zone and towards becoming a better version of myself not only within the competition but in my personal life. My objective for entering the MUA competition this year is to celebrate, inspire, and appreciate young African Australians living in Queensland and throughout Australia with the hope of encouraging and opening up conservation on current standards of beauty.

What part of the Miss Universe Australia program are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the entire experience. It feels like an adrenaline rush you never want to stop! All the excitement and nerves included.

We are all unique so what would you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants?

We are all unique and remarkable women. What sets me apart is not only my distinctive look but my mindset. I intend to inspire other women and empower them to break the cycle of self-comparison. I am compassionate, empathetic, self-motivated, and ambitious.

With the state finals, less than a fortnight away, has your routine changed at all?

I have always been health and fitness oriented. I have been focusing on improving my fitness and public speaking skills for Q&A to ensure I am ready for the pageant.

What is something that you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia pageant?

My aim is to push for greater diversity in Miss Universe Australia.
I believe in making a difference in this world, and the Miss Universe Australia pageant is a significant platform to raise awareness on social issues we continue to face as a nation, such as, domestic violence; speaking as a survivor I aspire to be a voice of inspiration for change for women of all different races. I feel that it is time for a change where peace prevails over violence and equality of the genders is upheld in every right.

We will wrap up with a few irrelevant and random questions, now that my coffee has worn off.
Name five things you can’t live without?

· My parents and extended family -they are my support system, and without them, life wouldn’t be as fulfilling as it is now
· My journal- I enjoy writing down my thoughts and experiences. Most importantly what I am grateful for in my life every day.
· My red lipstick – It is an extension of me, a necessity.
· TEDx Videos on YouTube- In this rapid changing world, we are blessed with technology which allows us to keep up to date with research on a global scale. Self-education is paramount in my life, and TED is one forum I use to maintain this.
· Social Media – Instagram and Facebook, for example, are simple yet effective forums to connect with others with similar interests such as models, designers, entertainers. It is a means with which I express my passion for fashion in my life

How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up?

I like to make use of my time. Usually, 3 minutes on Facebook is enough. However, Instagram is my favourite as I can connect with a wider range of people from different backgrounds and showcase all the things I love.

How would your closest friend describe you?

A beautiful soul- someone who not only cares immensely for others and connects easily with others. Someone who is dynamic, intelligent, ambitious, confident, graceful, elegant, humble, and witty.

When You Dance, You look like?

Rihanna, of course ?

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention… What do you think pets dream about?

They say animals are almost like humans. I like to think they dream like the way we do; about delicious food, having fun with their friends (playtime) and lots of cuddles with loved ones.

So not long now until this highly anticipated event that will see 28 of QLD’s most beautiful women compete to secure a spot as a QLD National Finalist, and go on to compete in and represent QLD in the Miss Universe Australia National Final. Get Your Ticket Here

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