Well, it begins as of July 1 it will be official no matter your vocation, location or your tendency for violence you will not be able to purchase a drink after 2-3am and next to come is the introduction of a 1 am lockout.

But hey if it was going to cause real change and effect in the attitudes of those committing violent crime id be all for it, but it doesn’t come with harsher penalties, mandatory sentencing, and most importantly educational programs to prevent substance abuse and violence in the first place. It just takes victims off the streets.

The legislation also has glaring blind spots with the ability of people to still patronage casinos during these hours providing exemptions for you to drink and gamble until early morning, but you can’t have a drink and a meal, with the side of Jetlag after that long haul flight, unless you’re at a casino.

I could put this squarely at the feet of government for not thinking through legislation, but the bigger picture and real problem lies at our feet.

To be a truly innovative and a world class destination something that our Premier keeps saying and saying we are, We need to grow up and put the responsibility for poor actions not on governance alone but at our feet also.

We can create and continually legislate away our freedoms while stifling our future creativity and destroy that uniquely Australian quality of mateship, because we don’t want to be told its wrong to drink too much and get violent, and have it stated if we do this or that we may face consequences.

The Solution lies in society by not taking the easy way out and forcing the government to take away everyone’s liberties because we couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing.
Yes, it is hard to admit you are responsible for your actions and how they affect others, that everyone should be held accountable for their actions, but interestingly enough that is a part of what freedom is.
And we need to expect this of others, our courts and community as a whole to enforce the standard of behaviour we expect as a society.

Don’t just post a hashtag or share a post
Get out be a member of your community meet people participate in the discussion, condone the behaviour, write a letter to your member of parliament, tell them what you expect and let’s tear up this legislation and the legislative approach that goes with it and hold ourselves as a community to a higher standard.

Enough is Enough Time to Grow Up, Let’s not be immature and require that Nanny State approach,

Expect More Queensland!

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