The real reason to go to The Commonwealth Games..?

The real reason to go to The Commonwealth Games..?

These Games aren’t just about the effects on business, the transport “nightmare” or the protesters .. of course, these issues are part of the narrative and favoured by certain news outlets and that’s fine they have a right to be discussed but I’ll tell you what a Commonwealth Games is really about.

It’s about the legacy it leaves in a community this is not just about world class sporting facilities, billions of viewers across the globe or infrastructure upgrades we’ve received it’s the inspiration to some Aussie child who sees their sporting hero achieve something great, and that lights a fire in them to go and become the next generation of Ariarne Titmus or Emily Seebohm.

Its that story of an athlete who until last month had never received a mention or a headline.. taking their place on the start line and giving it all and ending up with a medal draped around their neck… and In doing so becoming the latest household name of their nation.

Making years of gruelling commitment, training and work come down to which is often only a few centimetres or seconds, just bloody imagine that feeling of putting on the Australian Uniform being in front of an Aussie Crowd and chasing your dreams on home soil.

Some of you may not have yet witnessed the feeling of tens of thousands of people cheering on the Green and Gold or as I have talked with the athletes who will surely tell you that there is nothing in this world like it and it’s what willed them to success.

For a few sweet seconds, we forget the days troubles the things that divide us and all unite to support these amazing individuals and teams who are in a large part our representatives to the world.

So with a few days to go, Grab a ticket and be part of Australian Sporting History.

And remember this is why there’s a Commonwealth Games here in our backyard for 11 short days.

Spend your Sunday poolside sipping Veuve Clicquot at W Brisbane