The amazing art of flowers and fashion

The amazing art of flowers and fashion

Today we chat with the lovely Julia Rose

How did you get into Floral Art in Fashion? I have been a Florist for 20 Years, starting as a junior at 15 years of age, working my way through the ranks. Over the last 10 years I have specialized in Wedding & Events.

Fashion seemed the natural progression as I was surrounded by amazing industry people. Fashion gave me a way to take my floristry to the next level…An ART, an expression of me and my talent with nature and Flowers… A way to get wild and push the limits of the ordinary “floristry’ creating large Avante’ garde installation Art Pieces, as well as my speciality eye-catching fresh floral headpieces.

What do you specialize in and what are your main clients? My Speciality is designing Flowers for Weddings, Events, Runway & Advertising campaigns. My designs have been featured in large ‘big brand’ worldwide campaigns, as well as in many National and International Fashion Magazines, published in over 5 languages. I am what the Industry calls a “Glamour Floral Artist”. In April this year an Avante Garde Floral Gown I created was the centre point for the “Sneak Peak” at fashion week at the prestigious QT Gold Coast Fashion week and Awards. This night was especially created to feature the gown I designed. I was the exclusive floral designer for the entire floral arrangements displayed at the St Hilda’s Centenary Celebrations with over 85 tables. I created the florals for the Redbull Quiksilver Pro After party. I write for many Wedding magazines on what’s hot and in trend this season, as well as guest blogger on Australia’s oldest and number one flower suppliers website, Tesselears. I like to keep my floral art affordable, as it is a passion and created with love, as opposed to love of money.

What made you want to pursue Floral Art? My Love of Flowers Stems from my Grandmother’s Garden, spending hours among the Flowers and Herbs. Playing inside of the cavernous branches of the Beautiful Hydrangea,  Picking one of my Grandfather’s Prized Roses to carry around with me all day.. just enjoy its sweet Perfume, Relocating snails out of the Garden & Worms into the Garden! And most of all being taken to have my Flowers read at the local Church hall, I was amazed that a simple Flower could behold so much knowledge.

What is the best part about your job and why? Well I LOVE my Job! I am one of those lucky people who just adore what they do.

Who wouldn’t love getting lost in among the flowers, being swallowed up by large events, ad campaigns, Weddings, photo shoots all filled to the brim with delicious flowers every weekend! I truly love creating & designing Beautiful Pieces of Floral Art. When I am designing and creating is when I am most alive. I also teach Floral Art, which is just amazing, this is where I get my Inspiration from, my students & their enthusiasm, their Love of Flowers is contagious.

Who influenced you as an artist and why? Working with Flowers I would have to say my number one influence, would have to be “Nature”, really, its plan and simple. Who can create anything more perfect than mother nature herself?  I am inspired by walking through the bush and seeing a tree with vines twisting to the skies, moss growing in shadowed branches, fields of fresh flowers, driftwood along the shorelines of our beautiful beaches and sunsets painted into the evening skies.

But as far as influences go I love love “Albert Einstein” his words inspire me. I am must say I do love “old world art” the greats, paintings that are classic and evoke emotion, tell a story and have a certain romance to them. And color, I love color, it doesn’t matter what colour palette it is. When colours are mixed properly, the palette can create a stunning visual impact and stir emotions.

What is the best part about your job? Working with Event Coordinators & Brides to help bring an area to life, filling it with Flowers, helping to create an atmosphere which will Evokes Guests senses, Visually or Emotionally through Sweet perfumes. Creating Ad Campaigns that visually inspire people. Getting lost in your imagination while designing sets for photo shoots is awe-inspiring when you step back and actually see what you have created.

Pictured: Amy Blackburn , Designer Julia Rose , and Dani Fitch

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