The New Era of Miss Universe Australia

The New Era of Miss Universe Australia

A new era in Miss Universe Australia is fast establishing a reputation as a platform supporting and empowering its contestants to be the best versions of themselves.

After taking over the program in 2016, Western Australia company Pink Tank Events implemented a new plan focussed on refurbishing the past program to focus on a more inclusive and supportive approach all while further educating its contestants and providing a fun, empowering experience for all.

The national finalists have just returned from The Intercontinental Bali Resort as part of the program to take part in training and charitable initiatives before the national finals held later this month at the Sofitel on Collins, Melbourne.

Speaking of being charitable, Contestants this year are supporting the Toybox International charity which will is raising money to fund the running of rooms for families staying in Ronal McDonald Houses in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA.
The contestants have already raised an impressive $67,720 to make sure children can have their family by their side while they face treatment at the children’s hospitals across the country.

GCMAG has interviewed over two hundred contestants in the past six years and our most recent round of National finalist interviews definitely made us sit up and take notice.

The contestants are more motivated to embrace the benefits of the Miss Universe Australia program, all-seeing it as a once in a lifetime opportunity with many great initiatives and the ability to meet people, take part in new experiences, give back to the community and test what they are capable of,
All while working towards the goal of becoming the next Miss Universe Australia

The new direction seems to come from Director Troy Barbagallo and his teams focus on providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all the contestants no matter the level of competition with everyone receiving a level of care and knowing that they can reach out to the organisation if needed.

We are very excited to see who will be crowned Miss Universe Australia 2017.

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