The Ultimate Surfing Lesson Down Under

Perhaps rivalled only by ‘the footie’ in the affections of true blue Aussies, surfing is akin to a national sport Down Under. So what better way to kick off the 2019 season – and Pierre’s first race weekend with the Team

Than with Max organising a surfing lesson for our newest recruit with three-time surfing world champion, Mick Fanning, at Australia’s famous Torquay Beach.

Pierre put on a good show, managing to keep his balance for the bulk of his induction, and afterwards praised Mick on his tuition.

“This was really awesome. I never imagined that I would surf with Mick Fanning next to me giving me tips. It was pretty incredible and a great experience,” he said. “I’ve been on a board before but I would never say I’ve surfed because it was so terrible! It’s pretty difficult. But today Mick gave me some extra balance. I’d give myself a three out of 10. I managed to stand up for most of it, so that’s good enough!”

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