World’s Media looks to the Gold Coast

World's Media looks to the Gold Coast

The world’s media has set its sights on our Slice of Paradise ahead of the GC2018 Commonwealth Games.

Hundreds of decision makers from media organisations across the globe touched down on the Gold Coast for the World Press Briefing last month, While here they met with games officials to discuss logistics, security and transport and media opportunities for the upcoming games.

Staying on the Gold Coast as part of the briefing representatives we’re treated to a detailed proposal of what is planned for the games by the organising committee, also meeting with many levels of local business, and government to discuss the unique opportunities the Gold Coast has to offer during the games.

As part of the briefing, we set out touring all of the competition venues and getting a good overview of each venue and the city itself, which was key to putting the wheels in motion for what is required to secure great coverage for all of these organisation’s. before they and thousands of their colleague’s touchdown on the coast in April next year.

As part of the Commonwealth Games, broadcast sites will be located throughout the city with a key focus on location with the key aim of sending perfect pictures of our stunning city and its surrounds to the expected 1.5 billion people watching at home.

While only here on the coast for a few days it was important everyone was treated to a unique Gold Coast experience with representatives taking to the water, air and hinterland to see what this fantastic part of the world has to offer.

While out taking in the coast as part of these familiarisation tours we were greeted by Athletes from all walks of life who shared their sense of enthusiasm for what this event will bring to the Gold Coast.

So it’s not long now until the games and you can expect to see focus from thousands of journalists starting to aim our way before the opening ceremony in April next year.

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