Discover free time with these 5 apps

Todoist The best thing to do is write a list of what needs to be done, but we have all lost that piece of paper or deleted the note from the computer which contained everything we had done leaving us feeling lost. This is where Todoist comes into the picture a smart app which is designed to put all your tasks in the one place with a great mix of features and simple terminology to get you more productive. Google Keep Surfing the internet on your phone, computer or tablet and have information saved on all of your devices… Well Google is here to help with that Google Keep allows you to save sites bookmarks and notes of anything and everything in the one place and syncs across all of your devices PS: You can also snap your business cards and pull the contents right from your images in the one app Airtasker The majority of us will be using one of the apps available in the sharing economy be it Uber; Air Bnb well know this new kid on the block is for the individual with little time. Air Tasker is your best friend allowing you to access thousands of skilled people for your home or office to help out. Have an item of flat packed furniture you can find someone to come round and put it together for a few dollars or even pick it up from the store. In the office and need to pick something up from a supplier but all out of time why not try Air Tasker Airtasker will change your life. If this then that ( IFTTT ) Do you find yourself always taking pictures and forgetting to upload them to Dropbox or updating your profile picture or status and wanting it to sync to all your networks .. you can do that automatically with IFTTT. Think of it as your personal assistant who is always asking you if this happens then I you want me to do what? Once you have setup, your recipes sit back and watch your world change LastPass We all have to reset a password at least once a month or know we should strengthen up our passwords but worry we will forget them Check out Last Pass the last password you will have to remember. Lass Pass allows you to store all of your passwords in a simple and secure placement and create super secure new passwords and unlock from your phone or browser Instead of remembering what that 12 digits and four symbol nightmare just click a button and log in with your master password. We hope this helps you gain a few minutes or hours back out of your week and if you have any tips we would love to hear from you via the comments or social media :)]]>


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