Fit Tips – Find What Works For You !!!


There are so many training disciplines out there! How do you know what is right for you and your goals?

If you’re getting off your bum and getting active you’re already a step closer than the couch potatoes and the excuse makers.

So what is right for you?

It all starts with what your goals are.

If you want a ripped, chiseled body than I suggest anything with weights.

For anything involving dramatic weight loss I suggest starting with light cardio and progressing into more intense cardio.

For those crazy fitness fanatics that want to have the biggest challenge they have ever faced in a gym scenario I suggest trying crossfit or Zuu.

For those trying to sculpt aesthetics I suggest a traditional bodybuilding split.

Where do I find info on the differences?

The magic of the internet and smart phones has it covered. All you need to do is google, YouTube and absorb the information.

What do I do if I don’t like something?

Every gym/ fitness centre has the option of try before you buy. If they don’t they aren’t worth your time. Any business should have the courage to offer something for free to prove they don’t need to push dollar value for their services!

After you have tried it and sign up to a contract you still have a cooling off period. When I say cooling off I don’t mean for you to get sore and feel sorry for yourself and quit! So keep at it!

How sore will I be?

Everyone has different degrees of pain tolerance. For any muscle you train you will attain doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) this is simply the body sending pain signals to the brain telling it that the muscle is damaged and requires time to repair. This will occur 2 days after completing exercise. If you are sore the next day it is mainly a sign of the body being out of condition and the muscle sending pain signals immediately.

Leg training and pain.

Beware of training the legs hard and the pain associated with them straight up. The legs are phenomenally strong and require a longer period of time to recover after training. For the first time you train legs I always suggest some sort of discomfort or pain for up to a week. At the end of the day you use your legs every day, so expecting them to repair immediately isn’t going to happen! In no way am I saying don’t train legs! The benefit to pain ratio for legs is 50/50. Larger muscle groups require more metabolic adaptations. This means you burn more calories for longer! So keep  that in mind when you’re being a sook about the pain in your legs!

There is no one way to train the human body and many people will claim their discipline is king! This is not the case. Everyone that makes outlandish claims needs a swift kick in the head! Find what is optimal for you! Always try new things and don’t write it off before you try it!

So think about what you want to try and go sign up to a class/ gym or pt! There is so many different things you can try these days! Don’t limit your abilities and horizon!

And as always have fun with it!


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