Fit Tips – When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons
There are many things that go on in our lives and sometimes life gets the better of us. Many people suffer from anxiety and depression and times can get tough. This includes me.

Here is a few tips to help with your state of mind and to help ease your mind.

Find your happy place

Whatever it is that makes you happy I want you to use it. For me it is weight training. Whenever the world is feeling heavier than it usually is I like to go show it who’s boss by picking up something heavy. Deadlifts are a fantastic way to do this!

Take 10 deep breaths and power of thought

Breathing is a natural relaxer and can help regulate your heart rate. When you focus on your breathing you have the ability to lower anxiety. By combining breathing and positive thought you can stop feeling as anxious are you currently are. Whilst taking in your breaths think what am I stressing over? Can it be controlled by me? If not it’s not worth worrying about. To quote Anthony Robbins “what you focus on you will find”

You could even try meditation! I find meditation the best way to clear my mind!

Utilising emotion to release stress and anxiety.

I teach people to lift with aggression. When you harness emotion in order to do something powerful you gain extra strength. (Yes I understand there are no studies compiled to suggest what I am claiming. It is just from my findings with myself and clients.) Whether you want to go hit pads or go lift weights you can utilise emotion to vent your frustrations!

Stay away from junk foods

When you feel down and head straight to the nearest fast food restaurant you are consciously giving your body the worst chance for mental clarity. When you eat wholesome and tasty foods you are giving your body the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbs and fibre it needs to function. I’ve found that people with terrible diets have the worst anxiety. Myself included! If I eat too much junk I feel lethargic and unmotivated. Then it’s a violent downward spiral out of control in my mind.

Have a chat to someone

Dealing with issues yourself is almost never the answer. Especially for blokes! It seems that society dictates that we have to become an island that no one can enter. You have to let yourself become vulnerable and open up to someone that you trust! Get whatever it is off your chest and watch the weight of the world lift off your shoulders!


Life is a beautiful thing. Cherish each day that we are given and don’t be afraid of change! As I’ve state before you have to find what works for you!


Written by David Kerestesi

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