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Flashback: Jesinta Campbell Interview

Flashback: Jesinta Campbell Interview

Now most 20 year old spend their weekends
catching up with friends and going to the beach,
but for this young lady the skies are the limit for
where her world is heading. Since her crowning of
Miss Universe Australia in 2010 Jesinta Campbell
has been on a path to success.
Jesinta has not only made a name for herself in
the world of beauty queens as someone who is
ambitious and driven but more recently she has
set her sights higher and been achieving some of
her life long dreams. This year alone Jesinta has
become the ambassador for Asics, had a stint as
a weather reporter for channel nine, appeared on
celebrity apprentice and is also an ambassador
for National Buddy Day Australia. The world is at
her feet it seems.
Earlier this year Jesinta was asked to be the
ambassador for Asics, naturally she was delighted
to accept the challenge. I recently got the chance
to ask her a little bit about her ventures with the
1 How did it make you feel when you got the
news that Asics had selected you to be there
ambassador for their 2012 campaign?
I was so excited when I got the phonecall. I have
always worn Asics runners and to be asked to
jump on board with the brand and the team was
such an honor. Growing up on the gold coast I
have always lived an active lifestyle so it’s great to
be affiliated with a brand that I am so passionate
2 How did the new range feel during the
One of the many advantages of my role is that I
get to trial all of the apparel in the photoshoots
before it hits the stores. I love the fact that there is
different ranges of Apparel; Ayami, core essentials
and performance. This means there is something
for everyone!
3.Do you choose to wear Asics now when you
I only wear ASICS when I exercise! The ayami
range is great for when I am doing yoga or Pilates
and I don’t know what I would do with my inner
muscle tights, I live in them!
4. What does your standard weekly exercise
routine consist of?
In the lead up to the half marathon I would have
1-2 personal training sessions a week, do 2 solid
runs, a bike ride and some power yoga. I have
also been getting regular massages, relaxation is
part of exercise, it’s all about having a sound mind
and sound body.
5. What are your future plans with Asics?
I would love to continue to work with Asics,
perhaps a full marathon? Just joking, I don’t think
I am built for that!! In the future I would love to
get more involved with the brand and be apart of
the design and marketing process, it would be
rewarding to see an idea come to life!