How Much Does a Cleaner Cost in Australia?

How Much Does a Cleaner Cost in Australia?

Keeping our homes clean is essential for ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone living inside them. However, this important chore often gets ignored for far too long because most of us do not have the energy or will to clean our house after getting back home from a gruelling day at the office. So, are professional cleaners a feasible option in Australia? Also, what if it’s a commercial facility that needs cleaning? Is it better for you and your employees to handle the cleaning or should you leave it to the professionals? Let’s try and find the right answers to these questions. 

The Big Question 

A big house would simply take too long to clean thoroughly on your own. This is why professional cleaners in Australia are so popular; they offer cleaning services for a job that truly requires a professional touch, especially for those of us that have a significantly large house to clean. Most commercial facilities on the other hand, either have their own dedicated cleaning crew or must rely upon external cleaning crews to keep them shining.

Now, the real question is, are they affordable? The answer is variable, of course, given that “affordability” means different things to different people/companies. We will discuss a few facts next and they should help readers decide for themselves

How Much Does It Cost to Get a House Cleaned Professionally?

Staying as close to facts as possible, it has been estimated that on average, individual or amateur house cleaners charge AU $20 – $30/hour, but this can vary quite a bit, depending on:

  • Location of the house
  • Experience, reputation, and size of the company
  • The nature of the cleaning job and different tasks involved
  • Size of the property or area to be cleaned
  • The kind of spaces that need to cleaning; bathroom cleaning is always extra
  • Presence or absence of a middleman
  • The kind of cleaning materials and tools necessary for the job

If you hire professional cleaners from a cleaning company, however, the job will cost you anything between AU $30 – AU $40 per hour on an average.

What about Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is best left to the professionals. However, given that this isn’t a job for amateurs or even professional domestic cleaners who do not have experience with cleaning commercial facilities, such cleaners do charge a lot more. The variable range is expectedly going to be around the AU $40 – AU $60 per hour. The rate will be higher if the cleaning involves working in hazardous conditions, which isn’t uncommon in commercial factories, labs, and other job sites.

Where Do You Find the Cleaners You Need?

Now that we have discussed a fair bit about cleaning prices and the various types of cleaners that one may need, the question is, where do you find them? Of course, if you Google professional cleaners in Australia, you will find a ton of results. How do you find multiple options for the type of cleaners you are looking for and compare their rates per hour with each other?

The answer is simple. Head to an online service marketplace like LinkU to be introduced to cleaning companies near you. Simple post a job on LinkU outlining your job requirements and soon enough, you will be sent quotes from top professional cleaners in Australia. You can then compare quotes and clarify details with your desired cleaner. Lastly, simply sit back and watch the job get done by an expert. 

Is there Really a Difference between End of Lease Cleaners and Domestic Cleaners?

Although some companies may disagree, the difference is minimal at best. For end of lease cleaning, the cleaner an apartment or house is before you hand over the keys, the better are your chances of recovering a major portion of the bond money from the landlord. This means that you don’t want to hire amateurs for end of lease cleaning, but actual professionals who really know what to do. That being said, the job is the same as domestic cleaning in essence, but due to the dedication it requires, cleaners may charge you a few dollars extra per hour, especially if the house/apartment is in a particularly bad condition.

As you may have gathered by now, the rate for getting your house cleaned depends on a number of factors here in Australia. Standard cleaning is your cheapest option but throw in specialised cleaning tasks in dangerous conditions and the price will rise. Even then, be it a house or a factory, professional cleaning is necessary every once in a while, to keep things from getting too out of hand.

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