How to Create a Child-Friendly Yard

How to Create a Child-Friendly Yard

One of the most common gripes parents have about their kids is that they are glued to their video games, Netflix, and smartphones. What happened to playing outdoors? Well, while you probably played outdoors when you were younger, the world has changed. There are some real dangers to playing outside, so what do you do to encourage your kid to enjoy fresh air?

A good way to ensure a safe environment for outdoor play is to convert your back yard into a child-friendly outside space. Setting up your yard to safe for children will allow them to play freely (under your supervision) without you needing to worry about accidents happening.

From installing Australia’s safest swing sets to sand pits, and landscaping techniques, you can shape your yard to become a paradise for kids. In this post, we’ll look at the best ways to childproof your backyard and highlight some amazing things you can integrate into the space.

Child Safe Zone

The first thing you need to do is ensure your yard is safe and secure, allowing your child to play freely by minimizing risks. A good inspiration is a school playground. How does your child’s school ensure all kids remain in the playground area? The school probably uses boundary fences of some kind, so incorporate a similar element into your yard.

It’s important to secure your yard that it’s impossible for a child to get out onto a street, while also making it extremely difficult for someone to get in. There are several approaches from good old-fashioned chain link fences to natural hedges that are impassible.

In the yard itself, you probably want to have some connection to nature and possibly have trees and plants. In terms of trees, you may be tempted to keep low branches to allow your child to climb on the tree. While there’s nothing especially wrong with this, any climbing should be done under your strict supervision. If you prefer your child not to climb your trees, cut away the lower branches within your kid’s reach.

Child Friendly Yard Ideas

Once you’ve secured your yard, the next step is to add elements to the space that will make it somewhere your kids are excited to play. Here are some of our choices for things you can add to your child-friendly outdoor space:

Yard “Rooms”

Kids love dens and places to hide, giving them a sense of independence and safety when outdoors. Why not give them their very own den “rooms” if your yard is big enough. Sure, a tree house is a classic, but how many of us have a tree in our yard that would support a small building? Instead, why not use a waterproof fabric such as a tarp to create a covered space. You can place some comforts such as beanie chairs and tables to make the den feel even more homely.

Sand Pit

Yes, this is a cliché but for a very good reason. Sand pits are both easy to make and children love them… oh yes, they are also largely functional in all types of weather. No matter the size of your yard, it’s easy to set aside a corner for a place to mold, dig, and build with sand. For children, these activities are fun and promote cognitive growth.

A Garden

Sometimes you want to combine your kid’s play time with learning and understanding responsibility. No yard accompaniment is better at combining those elements than a garden. If you have the space to set aside a patch of land for planting flowers, shrubs, and grass, you will provide a fantastic interactive garden for your children.

Giving your kid a sense of ownership, the garden is a place they can nurture and plant seeds, while also learning about nature. If you place some bird houses, the garden will also attract wildlife like butterflies and birds.

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