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Jeffrey Archer talks life’s ups and downs on The Bottom Line

Best-selling author and former British politician, Lord Jeffery Archer, reveals the many  twists and turns of a life story that would rival even the most far-fetched work of fiction, in an interview for The Bottom Line, set to air on Saturday 15th March at 4pm on Channel Nine. Archer tells The Bottom Line host, CPA Australia Chief Executive Alex Malley, about becoming the youngest member in the House of Commons, coming to terms with his past, and his passion for telling a good yarn. Speaking exclusively to the Channel Nine program, Lord Archer reveals how he now realises he was too young when he became Member of Parliament. “Looking back on that now, I wished I’d enter the House at 38 with a lot more experience. I now see friends of mine who entered at 38 having done something, having achieved something. I suddenly found myself in The House of Commons…I wanted to be there but I was only 29 and frankly I was too young,” he told Malley. After five years in The House of Commons, and with a promising political career ahead of him, he invested heavily in a Canadian company that went into liquidation. On the brink of bankruptcy, Archer was forced to resign his seat in Parliament. “I was so stupid. I stupidly first lost the money by investing in a company called “Aquablast” on the advice of the Bank of Boston… So I lost everything, left the House of Commons at the following election and sat down and wrote Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less.” First published in 1976. The book is said to have been inspired by Archer’s real-life experience of near-bankruptcy, and has now been reprinted 57 times. “All of us have periods in our life when things go badly, nobody has a smooth run right the way through it just doesn’t happen…

In 2001, Lord Archer faced the darkest period of his life when he was charged with perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. He was sentenced to four years in prison, and was released after serving two years. Now published in 97 countries and in more than 37 languages, Lord Jeffrey Archer is firmly established as a master storyteller, with international sales surpassing 250 million copies. “If you stand up for something you really believe in and you fight it through you will make enemies as well as friends. Lord Jeffery Archer shares his insights with Alex Malley on The Bottom Line Saturday 15th March at 4pm on Channel Nine.]]>

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