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1. Build a Movement: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/build-a-movement/ Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, Jenny Owen (aka Ruby Pseudo) and Karen Therese discuss the role of youth culture and social activism in a highly connected, highly technological world.   2. Demand More From Design: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/ten-commandments-demand-more-from-design/ One of the world’s most influential creative thinkers, IDEO’s Global Chief Creative Officer, Paul Bennett tackles ‘how design can change thinking and design-led innovation transform your business, expose opportunities for efficiencies, and suggest new opportunities for expansion’. Big and brilliant.   3. Connect With Science: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/connect-with-science/ He’s worked with Bjork and won a BAFTA and an Emmy…oh, and he’s a SCIENTIST. Bio-animator Drew Berry redefines the intersection between art and science, and brings it to life beautifully.   4. Produce Purpose: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/ten-commandments-produce-purpose/ Do you want to reinvent the wheel? Start here. Whether you are interested in reinventing healthcare products for the global poor at 1% the original cost or building spaceships for Richard Branson, our speakers have got you covered.   5. Prioritise Creativity: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/prioritise-creativity/ We’re at an unprecedented crossroads for the arts in Australia: moments away from having three arts and cultural policies implemented, at federal, state and city levels of government. Hear the policies and have your questions answered.   6. Make Data Beautiful: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/make-data-beautiful/ Exhibited at MOMA and Le Centre Pompidou, lecturing for TED and at Stanford and Google, Jonathan Harris marries technology to human interaction to produce data displayed in innovative, wonderful ways.   7. Transform Your City: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/transform-your-city/ Hear one of the world’s most revered architects, David Sim of Gehl Architects, and one of the world’s most unique documentary directors, Andreas Dalgaard, discuss how we can all shape the cities of the future.   8. Keep it Real: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/ten-commandments-keep-it-real/ Named by Fast Company as one of it’s ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’, Genevieve Bell is an anthropologist with 15 years experience marrying the abstract world of data to the real world of human lives.   9. Co-create the Experience: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/co-create-the-experience/  ¡¡¡¡SOLD OUT L!!!! Streetwear entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes was named by Business Week as America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur, not bad for a brand launched from the boot of his car. In an exclusive Australian keynote, Johnny will share the philosophy behind his retail environments, tightly-managed online experience, and the way he uses participation and surprise to thrill his fans and expand his brand.   10. Embrace Mutations: http://www.vividsydney.com/events/embrace-mutations/ What seems like play today, may change the world tomorrow. The obsessions and experimentations of hobbyists, tinkerers and fanboys – is prototyping for whole new industries. That kid playing with a home electronics kit? Late-night gamers adding to new levels to a MMORPG? The drone fans modding plans on Instructables to make their own flying machines? All the most interesting evolutions in creative industries emerge at the fringe, so join our festival of fringe-rs hosted by Anab Jain (India/UK) the founder of Superflux. All of the Ten Commandment events will be held in The Lounge of the MCA between 7-9pm, with networking following immediately afterwards.]]>

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