Return of the Houseparty this Winter!

Return of the Houseparty this Winter!

The best events in the world have a killer guest list, you can’t party by lonesome so the first step of planning a house party is developing the guest list. Invite those friends from work, those you see on the weekend’s, collision of worlds is not a thing to be feared it can form some of the best parties around. The best tip is to try and avoid that level of Drama that is sure to ruin a night so don’t invite that friend’s ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. It’s just common sense.


Our second tip is all about Location Location Location,

We have some of the biggest homes in the world, which are perfect for the Winter warmer house party. So firstly make sure you have plenty of space maybe move some furniture so everyone is not facing the painting on the wall but each other. If you have a nice yard why not pop into Bunnings and grab a couple of firepits for cheap and a bag of firewood now we can have the party indoor/outdoor. But the best thing is plenty of space for activities or a central focal point for your guests. Nobody wants to have 20 friends all staring at their phones trying to plan an escape and salvage the evening.
via GIPHY We all have heard of these House party horror stories but remember these can be avoided by preparation. Remember

Preparation is King.

So make sure all your roommates and loved ones are on board and have put in some input into the above steps, Now it’s the day of the party, Lock doors to the rooms you don’t want to wake up and find Dave from accounting spooning an Ikea lamp and not ready to leave at 1 pm the next day. Ok now go to through the house three times and move anything of value to you whether it be monetary or sentimental and put it out of reach of curious drunkards or your clumsy self. Ok, the most important step is to prepare for tomorrow when your head is aching for quiet and gravity is fighting your movements. So put bins out and make it easy for drunk you and your friends to find somewhere to throw out the trash or more likely hungover you staggering to a trashcan.

Lying about the start time is a good tactic

for your sanity on party evening. We’ve all been there your friends arrive exactly on time while your other friends stroll in after 3 different parties and a power nap. So giving your guest list and invite time column is the sneaky way of having a steady arrival of people tell your punctual friends 10 pm and the others 8 pm or the time you think will work best. And having your friends arriving on time but remember some will talk and figure it all out so keep it as a fun task and don’t take it too seriously.
via GIPHY Now we have left the most important for last,

Setting the Tone for the Party…

we have all been to those house parties where the mood is glum the tunes are on repeat and you could have got this at home listening to Nova and staring at your cat. So we recommend getting together a few mates find a reason to celebrate and spring a few dollars into some worthwhile entertainments that won’t bust the bank. Bryce at is the perfect example they can arrive and bring the party with them and the talking point of the evening is that house party with a DJ and the lights and foggers to go with it.
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