business has to go out of business. It simply means that you have to find brilliant people who are better than yourself to take on your role, freeing yourself up to look at the bigger picture.” He shared his secret to success as part of the Virgin Distruptors Panel alongside panellists Solly Solomou (Founder, The LAD Bible), Peter Smith (CEO, Blockchain), Holly Ransom (CEO, Emergent) and Emma Sinclair MBE (Co-founder EnterpriseJungle). Together the panel addressed the concept of disruption and delved into the purpose, passion and drive of entrepreneurial values. Branson highlighted that with the right mindset, anyone can become a disruptor, and without his disruptive behaviour, he would never have achieved everything he has today. Virgin Atlantic in particular was born at a time where British Airways had the monolopy within the market. Branson saw an opportunity to offer something different, which paid off. In his words “if you are going to take on a big guy, make sure your product is far better” Solly Solomou (Founder, The LAD Bible) said, he feeds disruption within his company by “finding hungry people and giving them a licence to grow”. Holly Ransom added that the key to disruption is being comfortable with the uncomfortable, but it takes a disruptive flare to turn an idea into an action. For more information please visit  ]]>

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