Shaynna Blaze hunts down design inspiration from across the globe

A project as huge as this one requires a lot of research, which leads Shaynna to her first stop, Italy. Shaynna meets with local designers, editors and artists and takes a sneak-peek inside some of Milan’s most stunning homes, while soaking up inspiration from her surroundings: high fashion, stylish bars and stunning architecture. Moving on to Venice, Shaynna witnesses the famous glass blowers and mosaic makers of the region, before visiting the dazzling multi-coloured houses of Burano. Throughout her Italian journey, Shaynna’s ideas and designs start to develop – and now the hard work of turning this vision in to a reality begins. In episode two (airing December 14), through a stunning montage of Shaynna’s Italian journey, her lighting designs are brought to life for John, her business partner. He’s so impressed, he proposes launching them at the Atlanta Trade Fair, except there’s one catch, Shaynna will need to design two more lamps for the US market – and quickly. Shaynna embarks on the next leg of her journey, New York City, the birthplace of industrial design. Here she researches its amazing architecture from classic Art Deco to futuristic, to recycled industrial buildings, as well as meeting with designers and other inspiring New York locals along the way. Back in Melbourne, and as the prototypes for Shaynna’s designs start to arrive, it’s a race to the finish line and the most crucial date on Shaynna’s calendar – the Atlanta Trade Fair. Her reputation is on the line, can she pull it off?]]>

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