The top health benefits of breathing clean air in your home

The top health benefits of breathing clean air in your home

Breathing clean air in your home has a number of health benefits. By using an air dehumidifier, you can improve your skin, reduce allergy symptoms and prevent colds and coughs from spreading within the family. Not only are room humidifiers great for humans, but they also help to keep your houseplants alive and keep your furniture repair costs low.

Find out all the top health benefits of getting an air cleaner for your home below:

Relives the symptoms of allergies

Whether it’s pets, dust or pollen, allergies can affect all different members of the family. Be it sneezing, sore eyes or even irritated skin, allergies can stop you and the kids in your tracks making daily life a struggle.

With an air dehumidifier, the nose and throat passages of all the family will be better hydrated, which helps the nasal passages to trap particles, stopping them in their tracks before they reach your lungs. This, in turn, helps to keep the symptoms of allergies at bay and makes breathing easier.

Soothes dry skin

Dry cracked skin can often be made worse by living in a hot climate. Dry air can suck the remaining moisture out of the skin and make symptoms much worse, leading to you needing to apply more moisturiser to soothe the skin.

With an air cleaner, more moisture is restored to the air which helps skin to look better hydrated and healthier. Air cleaners, like the Philips air dehumidifier and purifier, work best to improve dry skin conditions when plugged in the bedroom areas of the home.

Helps laundry to dry

When you hang clothes out to dry inside, sometimes it can take a really long time. With a dehumidifier, you’ll usually get a setting that’s designed to help laundry dry faster and it’s often more cost-effective than using a tumble dryer. An air cleaner is also much kinder and gentler on your clothes than a tumble dryer, making it a great option for drying out more delicate fabrics.

Better sleep

If you struggle to get to sleep at night, snore heavily or have your sleep disrupted by a problem snorer, a dehumidifier could make all the difference. By restoring moisture to the sinuses, a dehumidifier means that those with breathing difficulties can breathe a lot easier, which helps to prevent the noises which lead to snoring. By just having an air cleaner in the home, the quality of the air you and your family breathes will be much higher, leading a reduction in breathing problems all round.

Reduces the spread of colds and flu

Air born viruses which lead to a nasty cold and flu-like symptoms can be reduced massively with a dehumidifier. Air that is too dry makes it really easy for viruses to stay alive and be transferred between different members of the family.

Not only does an air cleaner reduce the chances of you catching a cough or cold, but they can also help deal with the symptoms by lessening the amount of mucus that’s trapped in your airways to aid your recovery.

Controls mould and mildew

If your home is particularly damp, mould and mildew can be an unsightly problem. With a dehumidifier, humidity levels will be evened out making the air drier and leading to a reduction in the mould and mildew that’s growing by reducing the damp on the walls.

There are so many benefits to breathing better quality, cleaner air in your home. Not only is it beneficial for improving the health of you and your family, but it can also help reduce problems with mould and dry your laundry quicker – we’d call that a win-win all round!

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