When you’re together but you’re not really ‘together’…

We’ve all been there.

Boy meets girl. Girl dates boy. Boy sleeps with girl. Girl falls for boy. And then a slew of mixed messages/texts/Facebook stalking and endless deciphering with your gfs begin to take place.

You arrive at Loverville. Population: You. Boy may be stuck between Loverville and Playboyville. In social media terms nowhere near enough to change his non-existing relationship status to: In a relationship.

6 times out of 10 these 2 people make it to Loverville and their ‘seeing’ turn into full on relationships, it’s happened to me before with an ex, we saw each other for a few months and it just turned into something more. 4 times out of 10 though, they fizzle out and don’t go anywhere.

If only all those girls and boys who were 60% of the way ‘into’ their dating relationship would change their single status to: It’s Complicated. Can you imagine how the other would react? ‘But we’re seeing eachother, it’s not complicated’. Um well it kinda is.

Name one time when you were dating someone for a while and it was on it’s way to a relationship (or perhaps not) when someone brought the conversation up, ‘What’s going on here’ or ‘Where is this going?’

‘We’re together – but we’re not.’ Newsflash guys when you’re ‘seeing someone’ you are basically dating them without the label of a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘boyfriend’. Am I right? And if you’re in this situation now and you’re screwing up your nose reading this – then what would you call it? A f*ck buddy? A ‘special friend’? Coz there ain’t no relationship status for those terms.

Not that it’s about ‘relationship status’ because who really knows whats going on between 2 people than the 2 people involved. But if you happen to be in a relationship where 50% of that relationship wants to take things to the next level i.e. Make your relationship status: In a relationship (are you following?). Then where does that leave you?

In social media terms: It’s Complicated.


Written by Bella Frizza

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