DIY Fashion hacks for a Beach Party

DIY Fashion hacks for a Beach Party

When the sun comes out to play, beach parties are far from unheard of. Whether it’s a day out with your friends or an evening spent around the campfire, the sun provides more reason to get beach-ready and have a day and night of fun. When it comes to styling your outfit for such beach outings, playing around with your clothing can make your final look more fun. Think festival vibes like flower crowns, jewelled tops, and studded shoes. There’s no need to rack up a big receipt for these items either, as you can always do it yourself at home and upcycle any left behind household items. We’ve gathered some outfit choices for a beach party and will look at how you can achieve the desired look at home.

Flower Crown

Packing in those festival vibes at a beach party can inspire a more playful nature, making the beach party much more fun, enjoyable event. For this, all you need is a plain headband and some artificial flowers. To fuse the two, a bit of waterproof super glue will go a long way and will even stand the test of the ocean water. Before gluing the flowers to the headband, it’s a good idea to play around with the placement of the flowers to ensure the result is to your desired liking, as once it’s glued, there’s no going back. To add an extra splash of fun, a sprinkling of glitter can jazz up your flower crown and once again, the glue will do just the trick to keep it in place.

DIY Fashion hacks for a Beach Party

Jewelled Clothing

Whether a bikini, swimsuit, or beach cover-up, you have the opportunity to add a splash of colour through sequins and jewels. The choice is yours depending on how daring you are; you can either go all out and add the jewels all over your clothing item of choice or choose to form a delicate pattern with sequins. To ensure the sequins or jewels stay in their rightful place, a needle and thread should do the trick. Though this can sometimes depend on the jewel – if there is no place for the thread to hold onto, then some glue would be the best option.

Colourful Beach Bags

You might have a few beach bags staring at you from your closet, and whether it’s a straw or cotton bag, there are so many options when it comes to adding a splash of colour. From pom-poms to tassels, and patterned thread to jewels, transforming your tired beach bag into a lively accessory isn’t a difficult task. Say you opt for pom-poms on a straw bag, all you need to do is plan their placement and either glue or sew them on. Opting to use both glue and thread can be a good option too as it can ensure they really are stuck in place.

While these options not only jazz up tired-looking beach options, but they are a fun way to get crafty, and the sense of achievement is much more than if you buy an outfit from the shop.

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